Life Adds Up

Financial intelligence is CRITICAL education, yet no one really teaches it. That's why we do.

At SmartGeorge, we work with young adults (generally 16 - 24 year olds) to help them understand the great advantage they have in their youth to positively impact their financial future and what it takes to do so. Success comes from proper behavior and discipline around financial and life decisions and our goal is to help motivate our students to act on their own behalf. Through our two-phase approach, they will not only learn about the big picture of the personal financial world, but the will begin to develop the behavioral skills and habits to help them succeed.  Money is definitely their friend when "Life Adds Up."

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If you are reading this, you probably already recognize there is a problem. The following articles will give you a better sense of the magnitude and why the SmartGeorge approach is a great investment:

Simple financial literacy quiz:
SmartGeorge was recently featured in the Kingston Reporter/Wicked Local

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